Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chris Johnson Had Better Be CJ2K12

Trying to erase the horridness of CJ2K11
A colossal $53.5M over four years, with $30M guaranteed. That’s what Chris Johnson held out for last summer, not reporting to the Tennessee Titans until September 1, just ten days before opening Sunday.
After three spectacular years as Tennessee’s running back (and one pantheon year in 2009, where he rushed for 2,006 yards), one could argue that Johnson was worth every penny.

Despite regressing in 2010 to 1,364 yards, still good for fourth best in the league, Tennessee was right to lock down their three-time Pro Bowler to such a lucrative deal.
But was Johnson right to hold out for as long as he did?
Tennessee as a team in 2011 fell one game short of the playoffs. As a team, the Titans went 9-7 behind a decent year from Matt Hasselbeck, improved offensive line play (second in sacks allowed), and a defense that bent, but didn’t break, ranking eighth in points allowed.

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