Sunday, August 5, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles: Best/Worst Case Scenario

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NOTE: In writing this piece, I thought about incorporating the possible mindset of head coach Andy Reid throughout the season as a possible “worst case scenario”, given the likelihood of prolonged grief over the loss of his son, Garrett. However, I decided this would be unfair and, in a number of ways, cruel of me to speculate upon.

So, other than this space here, there will no further comment on Garrett Reid, or how his passing may affect the team going forward. Instead, as an Eagles fan, I choose to just offer my condolences to both the Reid family and those who knew Garrett well.


Best Case Scenario:
 Michael Vick displays the patience, pocket presence, and intimidation factor that reconciles a return to his 2010 comeback season.

Keeping turnovers to a minimum, while serving as master and commander of a multi-faceted offense, Vick wins more often than not, mixing crisp passing with the kind of push-button scrambling that frustrates defenses. With an offensive line that is mostly experienced together, Vick uses that protection advantageously to enhance his performance.

Worst Case Scenario: Vick is either heavy on turnovers, or prone to injury by not protecting himself (either scrambling, or waiting too long to throw). Mike Kafka and/or Nick Foles will have their inexperienced exposed with too many mistakes in Vick’s absence, coughing up games that could have otherwise been won.

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