Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kevin Kolb Still The Best Of a Pathetic 2007 QB Class

Kevin Kolb: Summer School Valedictorian
Perhaps too much is being made of Kevin Kolb’s lack of fist-bump-response toward teammate John Skelton on Sunday night.

In the moment, Kolb was riddled the double whammy of a contused rib and a lackluster performance.

I think most perfectionist professionals would have been reluctant to exchange bro-tastic salutations in that scenario.
And just because Kolb has been less than perfect as a pro doesn’t mean he isn’t a perfectionist.

He would love to make good on his No. 36 selection in the 2007 NFL Draft, but his road to success has been wrought with roadblocks and potholes aplenty.
First, he had to wait his turn behind Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia. That entailed all of two starts out of a possible 48 games from 2007-09, before the Eagles traded McNabb to Washington on Easter Sunday 2010.
Then Kolb got the keys to the Philly car, only to have a fender bender on day one. The Michael Vick Redemption Saga took over from there, and Kolb only played again when Vick was hurt.

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