Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fantasy Football vs. "Real Football"

Corey Dillon: last of his kind?
(Writer’s Note: some of you will say, “way to state the obvious, it’s a passing league, yada yada.” I say in response, “I like statistics, so eat it.”)

Fantasy and reality; they are two philosophical states that exist as polar opposites. This is particularly true in football, as you have both fantasy football and, well, reality football.

In fantasy football, the All-Pro running back, with his dime-cutting speed, ankle-breaking juke, and unbreakable stride, is as desirable as the queen in chess: they are your best weapon in an intellectually-fueled contest where your best decisions are supplemented by a ‘sure thing’ like Arian Foster or Ray Rice.

To land a player or two like that, thoroughbreds in cleats, helmeted cheetahs, helps make all the difference as to whether or not you get to spend a grace period in January taunting your closest friends over their Waterloo in a game predicated mostly on luck and timely guesses.

In reality, running backs and league championships as one have progressively become a fantasy.

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