Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Top 100 QBs Since the Merger (60-41)

Scrambled his way into the top sixty
60. Tony Romo (2003- , Cowboys)
When you get past the playoff chokes, botched snaps, irritating fawning from ESPN, and the fact that he plays for a team with enough front-running fans to populate Wyoming to its borders, Tony Romo has proven to be a fine quarterback. With the help of tutors like Sean Payton and Jason Garrett, Romo made many teams regret letting a player of his caliber go undrafted in 2003.

The fact that Romo didn’t throw a pass until October 2006 is especially astounding when you see that he’s never had a completion percentage below 61 percent and that his touchdown/interception ratio is the desire of fantasy football connoisseurs. He’d be much higher on this list if not for the albatross he wears, symbolic of his poor playoff record and fourth-quarter inconsistencies.

If stats translated to success, Dan Marino and Warren Moon would have more rings than just their wedding bands and Tony Romo would be far higher on this list. He’s a talented superstar who just hasn’t put it together when the chips are down and it matters most.

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