Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Top 100 QBs Since the Merger (40-21)

Who heads the Class of 2004?
40. Craig Morton (1965-82, Cowboys, Giants, Broncos)
Stat-wise, Morton’s not going to hope favorable to Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman in Dallas, nor would he come anywhere close to John Elway in the Mile High City. Morton could be kindly described as erratic, but that didn’t stop Tom Landry from having faith in the California alum. What Morton lacked in football’s equivalent of sabometrics, he made up for in will to win.

Six times in his career, Morton has played a role in leading playoff expeditions, with Dallas in 1970, and Denver in 1977 (where he went 12-2). Never one to take chances throwing excessively, Morton only threw 207 times in the Dallas Super Bowl run, and 254 in 14 games through his Broncos AFC Title reign, indicating that hubris never got in the way of leading a winning charge.

With some questionable stats, Morton was once considered Staubach’s equal by Landry, and the fedora’d coach would, at least early on, swap them out for one another before going with Staubach permanently. Nonetheless, how’s that for a legendary show of faith?

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