Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Philadelphia Eagles All-Reid Team

You'd smile too if you had a roster like this
Andy Reid enters his 14th season in Philadelphia, which is an eternity for head coaches.

The man who led the Eagles to five NFC Title games has seen many All-Pro talents come and go during his time as head coach, and the ‘Philly phaithful’, myself included, can go on for hours listing off memorable moments in the time “Big Andy” has held the play-chart.

Just for debate’s sake, I’ve decided to compile a 53-man roster of the best Eagles during the timeframe from 1999 to present day.

The only qualification is that you had to play at least two seasons in Philadelphia under Reid. This leaves out Nnamdi Asomugha, Evan Mathis, and Cullen Jenkins, who are three men that will certainly get consideration if I choose to revise this list a year from now.

And since Philadelphia can be a proud, argumentative town, debate is always welcome. 

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