Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is Donovan McNabb Hall of Fame Worthy?

It'd be worth it to see Koy Detmer provide the speech

Donovan McNabb is currently a free agent.

The 35-year-old Syracuse grad, and six-time NFL Pro Bowler, has spent the offseason getting back into shape after a few years of piling on stifling girth and paunch. The once-elusive 240 pound scrambler, considered a proper heir to Randall Cunningham’s physical magic in Philadelphia, was relatively bloated in his disastrous runs through Washington and Minnesota. The Washington Post reported in May that McNabb has dropped fifteen to twenty pounds in the hopes of regaining his athletic prowess.

So far, there have been no takers.

Teams are filling their ninety man preseason rosters and gearing up for training camp. Barring an injury to a major starter, or a setback in the development process of a struggling youngster, it seems likely that McNabb may be waiting in vain for his next NFL opportunity. Asking the magic eight-ball if McNabb has played his last game, the glass circle would probably reveal “signs point to yes.”
If this is indeed the end for McNabb, the #2 overall pick in 1999 by Philadelphia, then 2017 would be the first opportunity for Canton’s Board of Selectors to decide the fate of his legacy.

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