Monday, July 23, 2012

The Top 100 QBs Since The Merger (100-81)

"He wasn't here to start no trouble....."
100. Jeff Blake (1992-2005, Jets, Bengals, Saints, Ravens, Cardinals, Eagles, Bears)
Try as Blake could, the mobile whiz couldn’t exorcize the demons of the lousy defenses he was saddled with. When healthy, Blake completed a pair of sixteen game seasons for Cincinnati in 95-96, throwing 52 touchdowns against 31 picks, for nearly 7500 yards. Sadly, those would be the only two years that Jeff Blake would play full seasons during his fourteen year career.

But those who watched him on the Riverfront will always remember the way he stunned the defending champion Cowboys in 1994 with two home-run bombs to Darnay Scott in an eventual loss, or the way he, Scott, Carl Pickens, and Corey Dillon kept hope alive for the Bengals in the 1990s as the defense was the pits.

In 100 starts over his career, Blake held a record of 39-61, but also boasted a TD/INT ratio of 134 to 99, with over 21,000 yards passing and an additional fourteen rushing scores. To say Blake had some bad luck to wind up on some truly awful teams would be an understatement.

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