Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Sad Reality of the Night Joe Paterno Was Ousted

"And do what, exactly? The right thing?"

Well done, Louis Freeh. Your thorough and exhaustive report into the discommoding cover-ups at Penn State will serve to accomplish two things: commence a new spasm of sheeply Joe Paterno-backers to defend the honor of their disgraced coaching deity, and unleash a wave of guilt over many young folks at the school who found themselves defending an unsavory character.
At least those children who were sexually gulled by Jerry Sandusky over a fifteen year period will have a chance to hammer the university in civil court, which is as inevitable as a second chorus at this point. It may not be fair to the good people at Penn State, those in other positions who may have helped blow the whistle on the unspeakable acts Sandusky perpetuated, but the decision to keep the crimes hush-hush came from higher, and supposedly trustworthy, authorities.

According to Freeh’s findings, Paterno, President Graham Spanier, senior VP Gary Schultz, and athletic director Tim Curley, knew as far back as the second Clinton administration that Sandusky was molesting and sexually assaulting children on school grounds.

What a relief that, out of these four ghouls, only one of them has a seven-foot bronze statue erected in commemoration of his decades of sporting achievements.

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